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StackShare | Full-time | REMOTE OK (U.S. only)

We’re on a mission to create the best place for engineers to figure out how to piece together their tech stack. Our vision is to transform the way that SaaS tools and infrastructure are bought and sold.

We're looking for an experienced front-end focused engineer that's passionate about dev tools: https://angel.co/stackshare/jobs/186787-front-end-react-soft.... Must be familiar with both React and Rails.

We're a small distributed team of 4, spread out across the US. Our Stack: Ruby/Rails/React/PostgreSQL https://stackshare.io/stackshare.

How we work:

Every engineer owns and is responsible for the products they build. Before writing any code, the engineer tagged to the product writes a blog post announcing it to the StackShare community. From there, they spec out the product in detail and get feedback from at least one other engineer. Once the initial version of the product is built they ship it to a small group of beta testers, gather feedback, and iterate. Once the product has shipped to production, this engineer is then responsible for monitoring the metrics that matter for this product and iterating to improve it.

Interview process:

Phone screen -> technical interview -> code project -> product interview -> final interview -> offer letter!

Apply via AngelList or email us at careers+HN@stackshare.io - if you're emailing us please include your resume and/or LinkedIn profile URL!

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