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Do any of the major CI providers make this trivial to use yet? Travis CI, CircleCI, Buildkite, etc.?

Anybody have any positive or negative experiences to report with actually using headless Chrome?

I lead the DevRel team for Web and Chrome so please take anything I say with a hint of bias....

I've found it pretty easy to use so far - https://paul.kinlan.me/chrome-on-home/ and got it deployed in a number of environments including AppEngine. We are planning on getting this deployed in our [WebFundamentals](https://github.com/google/WebFundamentals/blob/master/.travi...) Travis script to run automated testing on our dev docs site.

Some things that I found hard: no documentation on how to get it running in a CI yet - some devs (Justin Ribeiro - https://hub.docker.com/r/justinribeiro/chrome-headless/) got a docker file all set up which helped a lot, the devtools protocol whilst it has docs wasn't quite as simple as I had hoped and I had to guess of how to call the node library.

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