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For those who know your CPU model(s), ARK gives you this information under "Advanced Technologies", label "Intel® vPro™ Technology".

In Windows, you can see your CPU model under "System", label "Processor". (Shortcut key "Windows-Pause".)


For Mac, I did this. Please anybody out there, confirm whether this is a legit approach. From a console I put:

    sysctl -a | grep -i intel
There should be a bunch of noise, but in there was a rather specific model number (not just "core i7"). I googled for that and found a page on ARK. Look for "vpro" and it should say whether you have it. (I didn't)

I can't confirm whether your approach is legit (though vPro does seem to be relevant), but I find my work machine (2015 15" rMBP) has it, and my personal (2013 13" rMBP) doesn't.

Specifically, the string you want to `grep` for is "machdep\.cpu\.brand_string".

Or you can save yourself the trouble of grepping and just type:

   sysctl machdep.cpu.brand_string

> http://ark.intel.com/

It doesn't seem like you have the HTTPS Everywhere extension enabled, here's the correct link: https://ark.intel.com/

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