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All Campus | Software Engineers | Chicago, IL | Onsite | Full-Time | http://www.allcampus.com/

We are hiring to build a tech product based on our experience doing marketing and recruitment for our higher ed clients. We have open positions listed for a front-end and a back-end engineers but full-stack engineers are welcome; we are more interested in finding smart, curious, motivated people than filling specific roles.

Our back-end is built on Python and Postgres. Our front-end stack is still TBD, we're looking for someone experienced to help us make that decision and build it from the ground up.

The interview process is an inital phone screening followed by an onsite/video interview.

Full job descriptions are here:

- http://www.allcampus.com/careers/open-positions/back-end-dev...

- http://www.allcampus.com/careers/open-positions/front-end-de...

Email careers@allcampus.com with your resume to apply.

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