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MotionHall | Software Engineer & Data Munger | SF, Vancouver | ONSITE | Open to Interns (Vancouver only)

MotionHall identifies the best possible development, financing, regulatory, and sales partnerships for emerging biotech companies, helping get their life-saving treatments to market faster and more reliably.

We're super early & pre-seed, but we already have publicly traded customers who want to replace their entire workflow with our software, and leading iBankers who've validated that we're able to deliver better than existing best-in-class results.

We're a small team of 6 (gender balanced and inclusive), so this is a near ground-floor opportunity. Joining us now means learning a lot, grinding a lot (though we're against routine overtime), and being a part of something pretty awesome from early days.

Likely tasks include:

  * Working to develop the skills and processes of our existing engineering team
  * Munging data in C#, Postgres SQL, Lucene, Python, and Excel
  * Building client-facing features in React, Typescript, and Django
  * Interfacing with CoreNLP, NLTK, spaCy, Accord.net, word2vec, numpy, and tensorflow.
Drop Matthew a hello @ founders@motionhall.com

Hey Matthew, hey Rachael, you should open an office back here in Halifax!

Matthew and Rachael are pretty cool cats!

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