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PolySync Technologies | Chaos Engineer & Distributed Systems Engineer | Portland, OR | Fulltime | ONSITE/REMOTE | https://polysync.io

PolySync is working to build the most advanced safety-critical runtime for autonomous vehicles. Working with our existing customers across the industry (automotive OEMs, tier 1 & 2 suppliers, and silicon makers) PolySync is pioneering the best-practices for process, architecture, and implementation for software interfaces that tie together the sensor and control capabilities of autonomous vehicles. PolySync's engineering efforts focus on three key performance indicators: high-assurance, fault-tolerance, and mechanical sympathy. Join us and help shape the definition of safety and reliability in this emerging mobility marketplace. Email us at jobs@polysync.io to get things rolling (pun intended).


Chaos Engineer - We're looking for someone to help us advance the state-of-the-art in chaos testing and auto-remediation/recovery for our on-vehicle fail-operational runtime.

- Ideally you're especially skilled at characterizing the operational semantics of a physical system and measuring them against expected behaviors and the known limits imposed by physics.

- When you see something new your first thought is, "I wonder what catastrophic way this thing fails to do what it promises to do." and your second thought is, "How can I prove how broken it is and then fix it so that it's no longer lying to me?"

- The sight of a by-wire vehicle bucking about & spazzing out as its perception sensors and control actuators drop in and out of operation fills you with a sanguine zen instead of paralyzing anxiety.


Distributed Systems Engineer - We're looking for someone to help us improve the distributed architecture and implementation of our on-vehicle autonomy middleware.

- Ideally you maintain a healthy distrust of wall-clock time and your wristwatch displays a dotted-version-vector-set tracking all the instances in your life you received a response to the question, "Hey, what time is it?"

- You see the insights derived from the CAP theorem as living on a spectrum, but you're keenly aware of where the bright lines are drawn which keep you from offering specific guarantees, and you step over them with deliberate and well communicated intent.

- At all times you assume _any system_ is in a degraded state and you work well within the constraints of continual uncertainty while ensuring that high-level behavioral properties are stable.


We place a high emphasis on expressing and fostering a growth mindset both in the engineering team and throughout the company. We believe that cultivating improvement and growth as individuals & professionals, with the support of our peers and the support of company leadership, is the best way for us to improve and grow as a business.

If that paints a picture of how you approach things, then send us a message to start the conversation. jobs@polysync.io

We currently use C, C++, Python, Elixir, and Rust in our development efforts. Existing experience in any or all of those is helpful. A willingness to become an expert in them is essential.

PolySync Technologies' singular vision is to simplify and accelerate the development of self-driving cars. Founded in 2013, the company has developed a software platform that enables automakers and autonomous vehicle startups to seamlessly build, test, and deploy safe driverless vehicle applications. Our team of 26 is building the future of the software-defined car currently in Portland, OR and Detroit, MI.

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