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University of Chicago | Software Engineers (python) | Chicago, IL | ONSITE, Full-time, Visa, https://cdis.uchicago.edu/careers/

We are looking for experienced software engineers to join our data engineering team building out and scaling the Genomic Data Commons, a 5PB open-source data commons platform used by cancer researchers.

Software Engineers on our team work with cloud computing infrastructure primarily based on OpenStack to develop, maintain, and evaluate software applications. We work in Linux-based systems in Python with some C/C++ and Go and various web technologies.

Coding includes the full stack including systems orchestration, API development, algorithms and data structures, and user interfaces. Projects span management, sharing, and provenance of large data sets; automation, metrics, and scheduling for cloud computing, large scale pipelining of next-generation sequence analysis, transfer programs/protocols for high-speed networks and resource visualization.

Please email cdis-jobs@lists.uchicago.edu with a letter of interest and resume.

We're also hiring QA Engineers and a Security Engineer.

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