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Hadean Supercomputing | RESEARCH ENGINEER (Big Data) | London, UK | Full-time | 50/50 ONSITE/Remote | VISA

Hadean is redesigning the compute stack from the bare metal up for distributed computing, allowing to run algorithms on any data set at any scale with no additional engineering.

We’re looking for a brilliant research engineer to our team.

You should:

- Live and breathe C, C++, or Rust

- Have a good CS degree

- Be able to work at various levels of stack, high-level to low-level debugging or disassembly

Please match ≥6 of the following:

You have experience with:

- Realising ambitious, self-directed projects

- Implementing complex algorithms

- Coding in a shared/distributed memory parallelism

- Parallel programming at scale

- MPI or other message-passing

- Akka

- Erlang

- Designing/implementing high-level API and abstractions

- Working on varied problems, high level and low

- Concurrency, like multi-threading or goroutines

- Low-level/assembly-linking knowledge

- Packet-level communication

Drop us an email at jobs@hadean.com

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