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FarmLogs (YC W12) | Ann Arbor, MI and Des Moines, IA | Onsite/Remote | https://farmlogs.com

FarmLogs is inventing the future of farming. We build software to help farmers grow more with less.

Our stack is predominantly Clojure and Python. Our domain involves data from all over: soil samples, satellite imagery, radar, telematics from tractors, temperature data, the list goes on.

We run 100% on Kubernetes, Docker, and AWS.

We have a strong preference for onsite candidates, but would accept a remote candidate if they have experience working remotely before and are in the US.

We've got a handful of open positions, notably:

- Android Developer

- Engineering Manager

- Senior Backend Engineer

- Senior Frontend Engineer

- Executive Assistant

- VP of Operations & Finance

- Product Manager

Come take a look! https://farmlogs.com/jobs

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