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Help.com | Austin | Software Engineer (Front-end - React.js)| ONSITE

It's 2017 and customer service still sucks. Companies have tons of data about you (what you've purchased, every page view to your site, every interaction you've ever had with them). However, that data is stuck in a bunch of fragmented systems and even the customer service systems they currently use don't connect their own data between different channels (tickets, chats, phones, etc).

Help us eliminate terrible customer service experiences by building out the world's best customer service and support platform. With workflows shaped from our time at HostGator (10M+ customers) and GoDaddy (10M+ customers), and technology skills developed from building cPanel, Cloudflare, CBS Sports apps, Node itself, and more.

We are predominantly in the JavaScript/Node.js ecosystem, specifically a React/Redux stack on the front-end with Jest and Enzyme driving testing. Everything is built and deployed in containers on Kubernetes and we're building for scale. We are looking for a front-end engineer to assist with development for our customer service platform.

As our product is real time, distributed, and relies on a great user experience, we’re looking for an engineer that has extensive experience in building single page applications.

Qualifications - Extensive experience with React and it's ecosystem (Webpack, Redux, ES6, Flow), ideally on a single page app with 100,000+ users. - 3+ years experience with front end JavaScript development. Experience with Javascript testing frameworks such as Jest and enzyme. - Experience with REST-ful web services. - Experience working with Git. - Passionate about UX. - Experience with Agile methodologies and JIRA.

Perks - Working with 2 Node Core Contributors and tons of other smart folks - Founders have helped build many successful companies before (cPanel, Cloudflare, HostGator, etc) - On-site lunch - Well tested code and agile practices - Your code is used 8+ hours a day by our customers so you'll gain massive amounts of experience and feedback

Apply today at https://jobs.lever.co/help.com/

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