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Lumicks BV | Software Developer (C++) | Amsterdam, NL | ONSITE full-time

LUMICKS is coming to market as the supplier of instruments for single-molecule research; a rapidly evolving niche in the fundamental biology research field. Our high-performance and easy-to-use C-Trap™ and AFS™ systems allow for the visualization of DNA-protein interactions at the single molecule level in real time. Enabling biologists to understand complex biological processes at the single-molecule level is key for the prevention and potential cure of many diseases. We’re a small academic spin-off from a fundamental research group at VU University Amsterdam. Having successfully made the first sales to opinion-leading labs such as Harvard, Berkeley, Max-Planck, Rockefeller University, and ShanghaiTech, LUMICKS is now expanding the team.

Full job description here: https://lumicks.com/c-software-developer-job-opening/

The "You recently graduated with a [...] degree in software engineering or a related discipline" requirement seems odd. Why recently?

Fair question --- colleague of agom here, BTW. I just discussed extensively with one of the people here at Lumicks, as I was wondering the same thing.

I think it's meant as a proxy for "enjoys a startup, not a 9-to-5 mentality, as we're still very much in an early growth phase, where people need to be a bit flexible". I may try to push for us to drop the "recently" bit, as I'm not convinced it's a proxy that's fair to use for this position.

So personally, I wouldn't take that particular adjective too seriously.

Thanks for reaching out!

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