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I'm a bit flattered. The real credit goes to all of the devs who contribute to Postgres, though I'm happy to have been involved in some way and contributed some outside perspective to many of them that are friends.

Of course... I'd welcome more reading my blog, at the same time there are a lot of others that introduce good Postgres content to the world. This was my biggest goal in starting to curate Postgres weekly (http://www.postgresweekly.com) which focuses on Postgres for app devs. There's a ton in Postgres, which 9 years into spending way too much time with Postgres I'm still discovering each week so trying to help make a better way for others to learn was key.

Sadly the hard part about the cool things isn't the most important. Cool gets a lot of attention, but the really safe and stable things like transactional DDL, rich indexing, MVCC all that doesn't get as much love as hstore, JSONB, or HyperLogLog which is a shame cause they're really important when you're running a real business which cares about data integrity.

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