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Sorting beans was the exact thing I was thinking of when watching this. I process a lot of chickpeas at home, and the quality of the dried chickpeas going in is quite mixed. There are some split ones (not good for sprouting), and some duds which won't soak or sprout even though they're whole.

I think that people might pay for the convenience of getting a bag full of proper chickpeas with no duds and no stones (I've heard of this, but never really seen it).

Maybe some day Suraj and NuPak will go a little further with their cleaning and get rid of damaged beans and not just stones.

Though, frankly I think they could do better than average with a specific gravity/densimetric sorter; it would probably require fewer passes through the optical sorter as well.

Sorting beans is a well-solved problem using a sort of waterfall (of beans) where computer vision selects the bad beans and air jets eject them.

The equipment costs money; and reduces the volume of "product" left for sale. Your problem is capitalism - the companies don't do that because it lowers their profit.

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