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Thanks for sharing such a cool build and helping keep alive a hope of mine. I dream of a day I have enough time/capital to build/buy a Lego sorter, a robotic Lego brick separator (perhaps using high-resolution ultrasound/radar to detect where to insert the separator and where to push), pair that with an automated storage system in a subterranean vertical tunnel with robot arms similar to a robotic tape library keeping track of all detected parts and minifigs according to BrickLink categorization. Let the system keep it all organized (for example, bin overflows into multiple bins are automatically tracked as a single part and color combination), and I even have the choice to have it dump a random assortment into a big laundry-size bin, and build like a kid again, yet have it clean up after itself once I'm done.

I think you two need to make a trip to a Lego factory together. And film it. For science.

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