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It seems to me that regret (wondering what if...) isn't--or at least shouldn't be--a proper motivating factor for doing something as intensive as founding a startup.

As I see it, the reason to swing for the fences isn't to avoid the if only I had... scenario but because we each believe that we posses some innate greatness within ourselves and to not strive to reach that potential is more than just regrettable, it is a failure to live up to our own expectations.

I agree that there is something tragic in never being bold enough to find out what we are each capable of, but the avoidance of that tragedy isn't what should motivate someone, rather it is the desire to see if we have it within ourselves to succeed, to realize our own potential.

Perhaps my disagreement is just a matter of semantics and we are both approaching the same idea from different directions, but I don't think it's an arbitrary distinction irrespective of the context.

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