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I'd skip the dictionary and scrape all of Wikipedia, then weigh words by frequency.

I tried finding anagrams from Wikipedia titles, didn't include the scoring yet, but just browsing the results I notice things such as:

Hilda Davies <-> Sadia Dehlvi

Hilton Young <-> Tony Holguin

Hilary Corke <-> Karoly Reich

I don't know who these people are, but this could be a way to uncover anagrammed pen names wholesale.

This is a great idea, thanks!

By my method, the top scorer is ACEEEFFGHHIILLMMNNOORRSSSTUV (25 points), which is the pseudonym of 17th-century German writer Hans Jakob Christoffel von Grimmelshausen. See if you can guess where he got his pseudonym.

After this there are a large number of high scorers, some very interesting, some less so. I think my current favorite is “Atlantis Casino Resort Spa” / “Carter assassination plot” (18 points) but it might be “Sunrise celebration” / “lesbian intercourse” (16).

The score file includes 1,657,148 (!) anagram pairs of which 26,296 have a score of 10 or higher and 475 have a score of 15 or higher.

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