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Well, one major advantage for the Rust compiler is that it compiles Rust code, which I happen to have a decent bit of.

Joking aside, I'm not arguing that the Rust compiler is "better" than any other compiler. The Rust team seems to have done a great job with it, but I'm neither a PLT guy nor a compiler writer so I can't profess an informed opinion there. What I am interested in though is the Rust language semantics (which the compiler enforces, just as every correct compiler enforces the semantics of the language it compiles). Rust-the-language provides benefits that we (my company's engineering team) finds to be valuable for writing our software -- a strong, flexible, static type system; Option/Result types; the ownership model that promotes good practices and prevents a lot of concurrency bugs that a GC would not help with; drop semantics which allow interesting and powerful techniques with smart pointers. As a bonus, Rust-the-ecosystem includes some excellent and ever growing tooling that lets us focus more on solving development and business problems.

As for Rust-the-compiler, others have already done a better job than I think I can, so I'll let those comments speak to the issue.

Other people accomplish great things with other tools. Rust works really well for us though, and I like to share that.

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