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These symbols are in fact very important in Rust and reading the book makes their usage very clear.

I get that it may be hard to read if you're not familiar with the language, but so is * and & if you're not familiar with them in the context of pointers. Sometimes however, a language feature calls for a special symbol as is the case here.

The usage of apostrophes in English also doesn't make much sense for an outsider, but they're very much a necessary part of the language and very easy to use if you're an English speaker. Same applies for Rust.

To add to that point...

I'm a beginner to Rust and this was my exact reaction (Too much complex syntax!!), but one conclusion I have come to since, is that one of the really nice thing languages like Python do, is that they just don't deal with a whole bunch of CS issues (eg: everything is a reference to an object) or are very opinionated about it (ownership/lifetime is bound to scope, no way to extend/change it). By doing this, not only are the language simpler, but they also just need less symbols.

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