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If you're looking for a replacement for node, I'd take a much deeper look at Elixir/Erlang than Rust (first up at least). You get easy concurrency, full functional language, good libraries (Phoenix is a great web framework), stability etc. Rust looks super cool, but there are high-level languages which can also offer good web performance.

This is true if you're agnostic to or prefer dynamic typing. If you're using Node, that's probably true, but at the high level I tend to think of Haskell, OCaml, F#, and Scala as the comparisons.

As someone who likes neither dynamic typing or Ruby's syntax, I do agree that Elixir looks very cool, and have considered it for jobs that favor development speed over compile-time correctness.

Not having a decent type system (dialyzer is slow and does not have parametric and bounded polymorphism) is a massive strike against Elixir.

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