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I almost feel like I should do a separate 'Ask HN' for this but..

Does anyone else really want a netbook equivalent in a laptop sized model? When it comes to my development environment, especially with dynamic languages, I don't really NEED Core i7s and high end video cards. RAM size seems to matter much more as does HD speed.. But really, if I am using the computer for work I only really need it to run Chrome, Vim, and maybe Eclipse. My little EeePC netbook hand handle that quite easily.

The problem for me is the form factor. I love my EeePC to death for it's battery life and portability. It was a life safer for me on my vacation to S.Korea last year (small enough to easily slip into my day pack for regular access at Wifi hotspots). But I simply CAN NOT program on it. The screen is too small, the resolution is too small, and the keyboard is too small for me to type easily.

What I REALLY want is a super light laptop with a gorgeous 15/17 inch screen and a netbook-like 10+ hour battery life. The closest thing I know of toward my ideal is the Macbook Air, but even that seems to have a different design goal in mind (and is far too pricey).

Does anyone know any manufactures or models that fit this profile? I feel like there isn't anyone really focusing on providing a good "hacker's laptop"

MSI X-Slim and Acer Timeline are both available as 15" CULV machines - not sure if they are available in the US, but they are about as close as you get to a 15" Netbook.

Otherwise, a 13" Macbook Pro is also an option - 13", amazing battery life, only a bit heavier than a Macbook Air - and much cheaper.




Sony's Y Series uses the ultra-low voltage version of Core2 Duo, consuming about 10W with a 13" LCD. No internal disc, but Ubuntu and FreeBSD are easily installed via USB stick...

Unfortunately, Sony Y Series inventory has been depleted, so it's not listed on the US sonystyle website today. A chat with their sales rep indicated that the product line will return soon. Other series also seem to have limited inventory, so a full product line refresh seems due soon!

However, after reading other people's concerns (above) regarding Linux drivers and VT disabled, I'm reconsidering. A friend has the current F series (i7) running Linux just fine, btw.

Intel and MS have gradually relaxed restrictions on netbooks, so we should start seeing some 15" ones soon.

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