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They themselves didn’t know, actually. Until someone told them to look at the Acknowledgements. (If you have Safari 5 installed you can check it out yourself, the Acknowledgments can be found in the Help menu.)

I know there's no requirement to do so, but am somewhat surprised that they didn't get a heads up or thanks from Apple for such a visible implementation.

So can we assume this means Safari isn't actually calling arc90's servers when it uses Readability?

I really hope it isn't. That'd be INCREDIBLY under-handed. I can't imagine a big company like Apple shipping software that relies on an unrelated company's service, without said other company even realizing.

I don't know if they are, but I can tell you that the day Safari 5 came out, for few hours Readability was unresponsive. It wasn't working for me on any site.

They aren't calling our servers. And that was a European backbone (Tiscali) having trouble - if you're in the EU or small fractions of the east coast you may have seen that hiccup. Unrelated to our servers.

Thanks for the response. By the way, I integrated readability in to my site as an alternative to "print page" option. I have to have ads, I hate the fact that I do, at least I give readers the option to read in a less cluttered way.

No, they based their work on readability but it's not like they're just lifting it straight.

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