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I did not realize that Safari 5's Reader feature was actually implemented using Readability. That's good to know.

They themselves didn’t know, actually. Until someone told them to look at the Acknowledgements. (If you have Safari 5 installed you can check it out yourself, the Acknowledgments can be found in the Help menu.)

I know there's no requirement to do so, but am somewhat surprised that they didn't get a heads up or thanks from Apple for such a visible implementation.

So can we assume this means Safari isn't actually calling arc90's servers when it uses Readability?

I really hope it isn't. That'd be INCREDIBLY under-handed. I can't imagine a big company like Apple shipping software that relies on an unrelated company's service, without said other company even realizing.

I don't know if they are, but I can tell you that the day Safari 5 came out, for few hours Readability was unresponsive. It wasn't working for me on any site.

They aren't calling our servers. And that was a European backbone (Tiscali) having trouble - if you're in the EU or small fractions of the east coast you may have seen that hiccup. Unrelated to our servers.

Thanks for the response. By the way, I integrated readability in to my site as an alternative to "print page" option. I have to have ads, I hate the fact that I do, at least I give readers the option to read in a less cluttered way.

No, they based their work on readability but it's not like they're just lifting it straight.

Neither did I. So I find it strange that in news articles like this one: http://travel.nytimes.com/2010/06/13/travel/13Harry.html?hp Readability still does a better job then the Reader extension that is based on it.

Readability is able to include the images and presents something that doesn't look like a poorly printed page like, sorry guys, the Reader thing does.

I imagine that "thank a developer for using a bookmarklet" is pretty low on the priority list of people trying to implement this feature. Wayyy below "guess where Steve's mood is going, so we can get him at a time he'll think this deserves the precious screen space".

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