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>>> The performance of uvloop-based asyncio is close to that of Go programs.

I would prefer standard benchmarks for this. I hope they submit their framework to TechEnpower benchmarks.


Those benchmarks aren't any more standard than anything else.

Yes but you can see the most number of frameworks there running on the same hardware and same settings doing the same job. Also you can see the configuration how to achieve that.

except that various frameworks highly depend on their configuration/version/coding style/linux configuration/memory used/cpu's used/use case. it's also important that some frameworks behave better when they are warm. also some code behave's differently when you connect with a single client to make requests via wrk, vs a aggregate of multiple clients. they still use wrk and not wrk2, their error rate is pretty high and their framework is well not always well behaving.

besides all that, it's just simple cases that they are testing. I would never ever trust this site or any result they got.

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