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Heh, yes, let me quit my job, forget about future earnings, and do a start-up so I can have modest returns in a niche industry.

I'm sorry, but I don't think that mentality is good advice for entrepreneurs. I'd rather reach for the top of Everest and even if I only get halfway there, it would still be better than conquering an anthill.

Do you climb Everest by waking your pasty ass up one day out of the blue and boarding the next jet to Nepal?

Well yes, that's terrible advice for an entrepreneur who's very existence is inherent to the idea of starting a business, and making money.

It's wonderful advice for developers who's existence is inherent to developing software for people who need it.

WRT the critique of his "aim for modest returns" comment -- it may help to read the paragraph below it (his point is primarily about your first startup, where you don't know what you're doing yet):


Start your startup. Learn the ropes.

Then, whether you succeed or fail, you can swing for the fences. That second time you may just make it.

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