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Libertarians make a community appear to be more left-wing to right-wingers and appear to be more right-wing to left-wingers.

That's why they get so much vitriol from both sides. The similarities make them look like traitors to your side, and the differences make them look like the enemy.

Tech people can't really be considered left-wing, because if we were, there would already be a union with teeth and we'd have UBI figured out. But we're not right-wing either, because we love immigration and hate (local) monopolies like Comcast and AT&T.

By all measures, politicians should be drooling over us as a voting bloc. But the popular kids never really cared about the nerds, and that's why only our relatively high incomes have any real sway politically.

Also, they get annoyed at our ability to penetrate the screening layers of bullshit to identify real problems and come up with workable solutions to them. Politicians fear (rightly so) that we would replace them with very small shell scripts.

As an example, the current political cycle has elevated health care insurance as an issue best able to make the voting populace distracted and afraid. It takes any one of us just seconds to look past the method of processing payments to see that the real problem in US health care is embedded more deeply in the mechanism for setting prices, and in the marginal cost for providing care.

We're more apt to realize when a publicly-asked question has not actually been answered after parsing out the political response. And we have this crazy, weird attitude towards power where we sometimes just give it away, dispersing it to the four winds, instead of milking it as a cash cow until we die. That makes traditional politics very wary of the tech community. They literally cannot understand how our minds work, and they have very little idea what we might actually want. They also have some inkling that a large fraction of worldwide prosperity is now utterly dependent in some way on us, and they desperately need to keep us under control before we (probably accidentally) transform the planet into some form of sci-fi techo-topia that is simultaneously inspiring and horrifying.

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