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As OP said, there are also things to consider, such as IP reputation, etc... I've done higher volume mailing from a tiny server just like OP, but we also had a couple huge slices of a /24 and pile of /16 net blocks GRE tunneled and used different blocks of addresses for different types of mail. It's not as simple as just setting this up and forgetting it, there's a good bit of arcane knowledge required to do it right. If you're sending millions of messages per day, you cannot afford to burn a bunch of IP addresses because you triggered grey/blacklists for major ISPs or email providers. Shit, these days, you can't afford to burn IP addresses, period. They are officially exhausted. If you HAVE to hit a user's inbox, you can assuredly afford to spend a few grand setting it up right, and then reap the rewards for months/years afterwards for very little recurring cost. Just my two cents, as someone who built a single server to send millions of messages per day.

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