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I don't agree that the tech industry is a hotbed of right-wing politics. In fact, I'd be surprised if I've ever worked with a single person who regularly votes Republican.

One interesting factor at play, though, is the environment you live in.

In the valley, I see how hard it must be to get by because it would be impossible to live on a low salary here, let alone on public assistance. And because I make decent money, the value of a dollar is not all that high to me.

If I lived in an EXTREMELY impoverished (or even just average rural area) and was making minimum wage, suddenly every dollar I come by is much more valuable. And forms of public assistance that are not indexed to cost-of-living are much relatively valuable in such an area. Suddenly I'd start resenting all these people not busting their ass like I am to make minimum wage, and it looks like they're living off MY tax dollars!

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