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> It went up briefly, now it's back to -2.

And it's not net negative again now.

> I call them like I see them.

The motivations you describe are not things you can see, they are motivations you read without any solid basis into numbers.

> I see no evidence that this is "reflexive downvoters"

It's pretty common for posts on HN on controversial topics (on pretty much any side) that are substantive enough that they do the end up with a negative score after long to quickly downvotes. It's pretty clear that there is a pattern of people who jump to Dow vote positions they disagree with regardless of substance or quality making a mark quickly, but frequently being neutralized over time by other voters.

It's true that there is a visible alt-right and larger visible right-libertarian (and objectivist, also) presence here; there's also a conventional modern liberal segment, a conventional modern conservative segment, and various less-conventional (Marxist, anarchist, left-libertarian, and other) left wing groups. Pretty much all the unconventional groups are a greater proportion of the visible contribution to the site than conventional groups, but the site isn't particularly a haven for any one of them (or to just the right-wingers or left-leaning groups).

The downvoters you got are probably largely political disagreement, but there's no little basis for the belief that it was particularly disagreement from alt-right and/or libertarian sources, and even if it was, it's pretty clearly not because the site is particularly a have for those two groups, because that's simply not true.

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