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Unless you are doing a TON of sending, you are better off with a shared ip since it will have a known reputation. That is assuming that the provider is maintaining the integrity of those allowed to send with that ip. I haven't used sendgrid, but mailgun has been good about moving me off of any ip I don't like. Although I wish they were more proactive about it, I have setup a weekly monitoring script to check a bunch of the blacklists. If there are any issues, I will have them move me. And I am still on the free tier so I can't complain.

I've been doing this for 6 months now, and haven't had any issues. Over the last 7 days my deliverability of 64k emails has been 99.5%. The only bounces I have are because of invalid email addresses or mailboxes being full. I didn't do any 'warming up' of the IP when started, I just started sending.

I've heard this many times, and maybe it was true before but it doesn't seem to be any more. I suspect now companies like Sendgrid still spread this FUD so people are more willing to buy their services and assume it's the only option.

I'm curious to know what type of customer you have? My customer base is made up of quite a few less tech-savvy types and we get a lot of issues with spam for AOL and MSN accounts.

And I don't show any bounces either. Stuff getting sent to spam doesn't give you a bounce message usually. It will appear to have been delivered successfully.

As for needing to warm up the IP, I think there is still something to that. I am surprised you were able to just start right off sending large volume. My guess would be that that you lucked out and got a gently used IP address by chance. The fact that it was on a blacklist would indicate that it probably was previously used rather heavily... just enough to get blacklisted at one place. But not abused in a way that got it blacklisted other places.

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