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That name sound very familiar, as does the feature set. Managing Gigabytes[1], or "mg" was the output of a University of Melbourne and RMIT research in the 1990s. It went on to be commercialized as SIM and later TeraText[2] and has largely disappeared into the government intelligence indexing and consulting-heavy systems space (where it is now presumably being trounced by Palantir).

[1] https://www.amazon.com/Managing-Gigabytes-Compressing-Indexi... - Note review from Peter Norvig!

[2] http://www.teratext.com/

That's exactly what I thought - I worked on index construction for MG back in 1994. (Note, although my name is Tim Bell, I'm not Timothy C. Bell, the coauthor of "Managing Gigabytes".)

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