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I second to that. For a few years now my opinion was that Sendgrid is a good guys of sending email... until I realized most of the spam I'm getting is from Sendgrid IPs, including for example continuance of work offers from Uber (I am disabled and I cannot even drive a car)

I'm unsure what problems Sendgrid is battling but their customer support staff is certainly understaffed or they simply gave up on fighting spam. So yes if you want to send spam and can start with highest paid account they offer, probably Sendgrid is your best bet.

Also their spam@ and abuse@ is a waste of time. It came to point that they simply started ignoring my inquiries at all! Here is example of one of my emails that is not getting any response, if Sendgrid is actually reading this: support+id1021573@sendgrid.zendesk.com

As sending spam is a Federal Crime, I have already reached out to FBI, FTC and next plan to write my State Attorney General.

Spam sucks, but don't waste your time reporting it to federal agencies. In practice, 'unsolicited' isn't a high enough bar for them to care - it has to be overtly fraudulent, malicious, etc. in order to have a shot at getting attention.

I disagree. This would be a very bad concept to ignore not high enough crime to be reported.

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