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I think overall ISPs do a very good job at fighting spam. Compared to a decade and a half ago, I would call it a minimal problem.

My greatest fear is that Google and Facebook will co-opt email and charge money for companies to get access. Google has already made some progress with this by selling ads in Gmail that look like email while pushing commercial messages in to other inboxes.

This is bad because it penalizes companies with low margins while shifting the advantage to those who are able to squeeze more money out of the users (you can see the effect of this on Google Search, Facebook, and now Amazon. It isn't pretty.)

Correction: large^W giant mail systems, that can observe a significant portion of world's mail, and have a lot of R&D resources, do a very good job at fighting spam (in their own systems).

A DIY home mailserver will still let, like, 5-15% of spam emails slip through.

Even with Gmail I still find enough false-positives on spam to make me troll through it daily to make sure important emails don't get sent there.

Gmail does an incredible job.

The last few times I went to spam and saw emails that shouldn't be in there, a careful inspection revealed they were actually very well crafted phishing messages.

Ever since, I don't bother checking the spam folder. Too dangerous. Gmail is smarter than me.

No, legit emails end up there every day for me.

Same, usually newsletter stuff that I don't super care about but still somewhat annoying.

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