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This is true, with the exception of AT&T. The Deathstar rejects all mail from my server, despite (a) no spam ever having been emitted from my domain in almost 20 years, (b) the IP having been stable for coming on eight years, and (c) I don't send bulk mail. Best I can tell, their blacklist-removal process is auto-deny with no humans in the loop.

I gave up and decided screw them, I don't need to talk to anyone with an ATT address, and bounce messages from them with an explanation.

I think AT&T was also the reason I started using a bulk mail delivery service for my low volume personal mail when 1&1 migrated their datacenter after I had been using them for a decade or something (thereby changing my IP address).

You need to configure SPF and DKIM, irrelevant of what reputation and service you have.

They are. I've been running mail professionally since the early 90s; not to brag, but I know what I'm doing.

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