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This is an area that we're actively working to improve. The system is designed so that customers who are sending high quality messages get moved into better IP addresses. We look at metrics like complaint, bounce, and engagement rates to help make these decisions. This works much of the time, but is imperfect, especially when you start using Mailgun for the first time. We're developing and iteratively rolling out several machine learning classification systems that look at various features when you signup for Mailgun and place your account into better IP pools based on our internal risk calculation.

If you are seeing continuous problems, I'd love to take a look! My email address is on my profile.

Hi, we've been seeing problems like this with Mailgun for about a year (with the support ticket record to show for it) and I'd love to get in touch. FYI your email address is not currently visible in your profile (should be in the 'about' section).

Fixed. Lets figure it out.

Is this per-project, or per-customer? I run https://spa.mnesty.com/ with you, which has a 1.5% bounce rate (I'm guessing that's high? I don't really know), and I wouldn't want it to be interfering with my personal email (0% bounce) that I also run with you.

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