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Unfortunately, unless you're paying for a dedicated IP address with Mailgun, their sender reputation is mostly quite bad. We are constantly having to request our account to be moved to a new IP due to them landing up in some blacklist.

This is an area that we're actively working to improve. The system is designed so that customers who are sending high quality messages get moved into better IP addresses. We look at metrics like complaint, bounce, and engagement rates to help make these decisions. This works much of the time, but is imperfect, especially when you start using Mailgun for the first time. We're developing and iteratively rolling out several machine learning classification systems that look at various features when you signup for Mailgun and place your account into better IP pools based on our internal risk calculation.

If you are seeing continuous problems, I'd love to take a look! My email address is on my profile.

Hi, we've been seeing problems like this with Mailgun for about a year (with the support ticket record to show for it) and I'd love to get in touch. FYI your email address is not currently visible in your profile (should be in the 'about' section).

Fixed. Lets figure it out.

Is this per-project, or per-customer? I run https://spa.mnesty.com/ with you, which has a 1.5% bounce rate (I'm guessing that's high? I don't really know), and I wouldn't want it to be interfering with my personal email (0% bounce) that I also run with you.

Interesting. I have never seen those issues, and have been using MG for quite a few years, for many clients.

I used to use Mailgun for sending out licences for my product. I got a lot of people saying they had never arrived, especially Microsoft addresses and Chinese ones. This continued despite repeated complaints and IP switches. I switched to sending through Fastmail and have never had a problem since.

Same here. I've moved away from paying for a dedicated IP because it seemed a bit redundant.

but if opt for dedicated IP address, dose it matter if you have it from Mailgun or if you have your own?

It depends. Most hosting providers will either discourage you or prevent you from relaying messages from your servers, so that is something you need to check for. Also, you'll want to make sure that your dedicated IP is persistent and won't be lost across reboots. Once you establish a good sending reputation, that's valuable in making sure your messages reach the Inbox.

In the case of Mailgun, you should be assigned an IP with a neutral reputation. For example, before dedicated IPs are reassigned we leave them dormant for at least a month, usually much longer, before assigning to a new customer.

Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde, every IP address has a past; in theory, an email service will ensure that the IP they give you has a clean bill of health (not marked in blacklists and such), whereas your ISP or VPS provider may not.

That depends on who you are.

Mailgun will do some chores for you, for a fee. If those chores are things you can do in your sleep, fine! Mailgun does nothing magic.

Since I've complained about the free tier reputation issue elsewhere, I will say that Mailgun gives you a great set of management tools and a very nice API. Those are things you're going to have to build/assemble yourself (or do without) if you just go the "postfix on an EC2 instance" route.

What is your emails bounce rates etc? Or is it caused by others using those same IPs too?

If they aren't paying for a dedicated IP, those emails would be going out across the shared IP pool, and a particular IP's reputation would be affected be everyone who's email went out via that IP.

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