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I keep an old Mac around for exactly this reason. However since version 43 they've switched to a new file format offering "more powerful integrations for third-party developers".

The new format is a ZIP containing a bunch of JSON files per page, so maybe someone will come up with a cross-platform viewer or similar.

Edit: I found this which works with basic Sketch files: https://animaapp.github.io/sketch-web-viewer/

Unfortunately, there's still a bunch of internal Sketch APIs we have to call, though radically, radically fewer than in the version of react-sketchapp pre-Sketch 43.

see also https://github.com/xaviervia/sketch2json for some interesting stuff :)

Oh that's excellent to hear. Openly usable formats are great.

Most of the slickness of Sketch is in its UI though, it'll be tough to replicate. Do you know of any project attempting to do so?

check out Figma!

Yep I've used Figma before. It's not really on par with Sketch, but it's certainly high quality.

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