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The website slows down my chrome browser to the point where it lags and I have to backout.

Noticed the heavy CPU usage as well. The laptop still performed admirably but estimated remaining battery time fell below 2H on a full charge so I smelled something amiss. Turned out the videos on this page continue playing even when the tab is open in the background (not active tab, nor active window). Seems like a complete waste of cycles. (Opera Beta)

Sorry - wasn't sure of a good solution for this without rewriting our blog too.

Some things I tried: - not autoplaying the videos (but they're super short, so it would be annoying to click play) - playing them when they're in focus & pausing afterwards (would have to mess with our WordPress installation instead of launching this thing) - using GIFs (they were HUGE - I couldn't get them below like 2mb each) - YouTube embeds etc (ugh)

I thought this was the best compromise but yeah. Sorry :(

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