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I had a similar experience looking up algorithms for space-filling curves:


Same thing when I was looking for Reinsch Spline code it's a mess.


I converted Algol code from a paper into C because I couldn't find any clean C code on the web but it's still ugly eg. here is a chunk of it:

    for (i=m1; i < m2; i++) //Choleksy Decomposition {(R^T)R of [(Q^T)(D^2)Q + pT]}
               r1[i-1] = f*r[i-1];
               r2[i-2] = g*r[i-2];
               r[i] = 1/(p*b[i]+t[i]-f*r1[i-1]-g*r2[i-2]);
               u[i] = a[i]-r1[i-1]*u[i-1]-r2[i-2]*u[i-2];
               f = p*c[i]+t1[i]-h*r1[i-1];
               g = h;
               h = d[i]*p;

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