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i'm hopelessly lost

Snack - Description: Web-based react-native playground. Snack was previously called Sketch which led to much confusion. - Built by: Expo

Sketch.app - Description: Most popular native mac app for designing UIs - Built by: Bohemian Coding

react-sketchapp - Description: Convert a UI written in react-primitives to sketch. react-primitives is a subset of react-native. - Built by: Airbnb

I want to say Snack has nothing to do with react-sketchapp, but unfortunately they do share a couple of things. The developer/user of both tools will write code that is largely compatible with each other, basically a shared subset of react-native. Then, there's the whole confusion with the name Sketch. Snack used to be called Sketch. react-sketchapp uses "Sketch.app" as a rendering engine and editing interface. "Sketch.app" is basically the next program in the workflow for the user of react-sketchapp.

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