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To go the other way -- generating React code from Sketch -- you can use React Studio:


It has a Sketch plugin that does a rather competent job of converting Sketch layers/groups into components. (For example, you can prefix a Sketch group with "c:", and React Studio will interpret it as a component.)

Here is a live video demonstrating the Sketch -> React Studio -> React code workflow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rfd7zmlFZw8 (It's in realtime with detailed explanations, so it runs about 40 minutes.)

Disclaimer: I wrote a pile of code for React Studio.

If reactstudio could support loading in react form, components, color themes etc al from the hundreds of react themes sold from places like envato, themeforest, etc. then a whole class of UI mock ups could be built. Example themes:




It seems like the logical conclusion is to create a two-way data binding in a live-coding environment.

The idea behind React Studio is awesome.

I think it would be super cool if React Studio could automatically create a GraphQL api based on the structure of the component data.

We are already doing small experiments in this direction at Graphcool (for example graphql-up https://www.graph.cool/graphql-up/)

Do you think anyone at Reract Studio would be interested in talking more about this? They can ping me at soren@graph.cool :-)

Sounds really great, I'll pass on your contact info!

Interesting. But, the monthly Adobe-esque subscription fee is a turn off.

That is of course something that can change. What kind of pricing would you prefer?

Any kind of one-time pricing would be great.

Ideally, with a perpetual license with 1-year of free upgrades.

That seems definitely possible. I think what the team was worried about is sticker shock -- $19/month might translate to something in the region of $200-250 for the scheme you propose. Does that sound bearable?

perpetual license is what scared me off as well. Ideally $199 with 1 year upgrades. As long as it keeps working after 1 year I am sold.



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