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Can you explain a scenario where you would use the resulting Sketch file? I still don't quite get it (probably as not familiar with React)

The initial usecase we built it for was generating templates for our design system (color palettes, components etc). At our size, keeping them in sync with the production state-of-the-world was super difficult. So we scripted it, using our production components.

It also led to some exciting new uses:

- component pickers / editors for Sketch that are backed by real components rather than Sketch symbols (build your own UI)

- automatic accessibility checking / internationalization

- using real data in Sketch with real GraphQL queries etc

- as a building block for using Sketch as a canvas for the design tools of your dreams, whilst maintaining compatibility with the tooling your designers use today

> automatic accessibility checking

Can you elaborate on the automatic accessibility checking? Are you testing the sketch file or the react-primitive code for accessibility tags?

e.g. checking accessibility of colors in a UI :)

OK, like detecting lack of contrast for color blindness?

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