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It happens because the curves are not polynomials in the normal sense. The parameter t that ranges from [0..1] is not the same between the two curves, so it is not equivalent to setting two polynomials equal to each other and solving for x, or t in this case. A solution to the intersection is equivalent to solving for the t parameter of both curves simultaneously and IIRC that ends up having an order that is the product of the orders of the curves (9th order for 2 cubics?). On second thought it's not the product, but it is definitely much higher order. That is the reason people use the matrix representations, once you get a feel for that the complexity tends to get hidden by representing an entire matrix of Nth order polynomials by a letter like B.

If anyone is really interested in this stuff and wants to make a major contribution to open source software... First study these and then move on to NURBS, surfaces, and then trimmed NURBS surfaces. These are the core of all CAD software and a clean library for trimmed NURBS is sorely lacking. There are two that I'm aware of, the one in OpenCascade which is a huge ball of mud (but works) and the one in SolveSpace which doesn't scale well and has some other limitations - that is the one I feel is most worthy of someones time.

There is GoTools (https://github.com/SINTEF-Geometry/GoTools) and SISL (https://github.com/SINTEF-Geometry/SISL). These are open-source geometry libraries for parametric surface modeling, that include NURBS surfaces and intersections and trimmings of such.

Intersections are computed approximatively within some prescribed geometrical tolerance, and intersection curves are "marched out".

Thanks. The links have been forwarded to people who may be interested.

BTW they don't explicitly say "trimmed NURBS" but doing boolean operations implies that is the case ;-)

NLib is the gold standard in closed-source, right?

Disclaimer: I am financially tied to NLib's current distributor.

NLib has a lot of sophisticated NURBS math tools. It was literally written by one of the men who wrote The NURBS Book.

As far as I know, it doesn't do anything much for trimmed NURBS surfaces, in the sense of a surface trimmed by an arbitrary series of curves. (Might be a tessellation routine for that case?) Basically it is mostly geometry, with only very limited topology support.

There are lots of products which provide geometry & topology support: SMLib, SOLIDS++, Acis, and Parasolid come to mind. The first two are built on NLib. I don't think any of them have as sophisticated NURBS geometry tools as NLib does. (Except to the extent that you can call NLib routines directly with the first two.)

I'm not aware of any commercial product which directly competes with NLib at all. Which doesn't mean one doesn't exist! I'd be interested if anyone has experience with other libraries.

No, that would be Parasolid:


Look at the list of applications that use it.

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