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Without a doubt, our concept of personal identity will be completely unreliable within a few generations. Forget about privacy--we will soon have literally no way to verify who we're talking to.

Crypto would still work, and this tech isn't going to work face-to-face.

Neither will insulate you from a deception which you wish to perpetuate upon yourself, and identifying the latter is a trick that con artists specialize in.

Pelevin's novel 'Generation П' is a very interesting read on this kind of theme.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_%22%D0%9F%22

No different than now, right? Technically there is no way (practically, anyway) to identify someone you're talking to over the phone for instance.

If you have privacy, faces or sounds might not matter as much as content does - if you have common secrets, you have a way to identify a person.

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