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I appreciate the ethics link up there in the menu. Not sure if I noticed it on any other AI startup (or for that matter, any startup). Given how complex the world is becoming due to ever increasing co-dependence with tech, I can see how such pages could become as important as 'pricing' or 'sign up' pages. (The privacy issues with Unroll.me, Uber and a thousand other such services will only accelerate this trend).

Good job, team Lyrebird. My feedback is that while the inclusion of ethics page is great, it could do with more content on your vision and what you will not let your tech be used for. I know others can develop similar tech, but it will be good to read about YOUR ethics.

[Edited for clarity]

I agree, it is reassuring to see that the team is thinking about ethical implications.

Judging by the samples from the homepage there are audible artifacts in the recordings resulting from synthesis. I doubt these would pass scrutiny if presented as evidence in court. In some ways forging a voice is like forging a signature, truth can be exposed with enough effort.

> but it will be good to read about YOUR ethics

Not just that, but ethical expectations on the users, backed up by legal policy, would seem important for this.

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