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Yep. I bookmarked The Guardian about 3-4 years ago and really enjoyed a lot of what they put out but about two years ago I began to realize just how tilted they were. I'm not sure if it was them or me that changed most but I suspect it was them. I quit tuning into CNN and MSNBC about 4 years ago and back then I recall The Guardian seemed quite balanced in comparison.

It was during our elections last year that they leaned too far for me to take them seriously as a real journalistic endeavor and I scrapped the bookmark because they were wasting my time.

It wasn't easy though. I really wanted to make a donation and support their stated mission of being truly independent news provider, but I just couldn't because they're not. They have a very clear agenda that's promoted with a left wing tilt but really only supports a different group of corporatists than the right.

I will not subsidize that, and that's really what they're asking from us.

The editor changed from Alan Rusbridger to Katharine Viner in summer 2015:


IMO, around that time the editorial policy changed noticably too.

That makes sense. I was not aware of that so thank you for pointing it out.

When they say independent they mean or outside influence and political parties, they absolutely intend to always follow their British liberal tradition. They don't hide this.

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