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For me the problem is that the number of sites I'd like to support to some extent. I'd love to donate to The Guardian, but I also frequent The Atlantic, BBC and many other sites. Actually supporting all these sites would take time and effort. I took a look at some chrome extensions which try to make this easier (namely tipsy) but they seem to have very few publishers signed up.

https://blendle.com/ lets you pay a small amount per article, pulls from a variety of sources, no-questions-asked refund if you decide it wasn't worth it.

One day someone will come up with "paypal for articles online" - one button to comfortably and securely click to pay a few cents for an article you want to read.

And of course get enough traction for it to get popular and be used by enough people to be sustainable.

Until then, your problem will be mentioned on HN again and again...

The better way would be for a service that installed an extension that tracks number of visits to distinct URLs on a site you tell the extension to track. At the end of the month, it uses a multiplier with the number of visits to either:

1. Autopay using PayPal or something or the other. 2. Open the payment links with the relevant fields autofilled.

Check out Brave (browser) with built in payments. Of course, this doesn't solve your problem of who's signed up, but Brave has a protocol for that scenario and they reach out to sites and offer them the money before returning it back to you.

For print magazines like The Atlantic, why not subscribe?

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