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Conference talks, testimonials, etc are often biased towards the positive. It drives me nuts when someone tells me why I should use some technology, without telling me why I shouldn't use it, and what its constraints and limitations are. Those are equally as important as the features. Project documentation are the worst at this, painting a rosy picture of how the tech will solve the world's problems, without telling you the practical realities of using it.

The React and Redux devs engage in more self-critique, and are more honest and open in the shortcomings of their approaches, than just about anyone I know of in web development.

From the author of Redux: https://medium.com/@dan_abramov/you-might-not-need-redux-be4...

From the official React docs: https://facebook.github.io/react/contributing/design-princip...

Glad to see! Thanks for sharing. I hope this trend continues.

No, no! It's all just hype! Don't look at new technology!

Right, because there isn't a litany for what could go wrong with every single technology mentioned in this article already...

Let's not pretend like there's a single technology out there that isn't constantly under fire.

If you strip out the strawman argument against each technology ("Let me tell you a story about how this technology didn't work in my imagination") you end up with one single premise - do research before adopting tech. Did you need to be told that? I think if one single person is making tech stack decisions in production and no one is going "uh can you justify this" you have far more serious issues.

No I don't need to be told that. That's my point. Most tech products make it difficult for me to do my up-front research, because they want to paint a rosy picture of their product to drive adoption. But I'm less likely to adopt it if I can't easily understand its constraints, failure scenarios, scaling bottlenecks, maintenance headaches, leaky abstractions, etc.

Can you name a tech product that is hard to research in regards to its constraints or failings?

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