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This is nothing but strawman arguments with zero factual basis.

Who are these mythical developers that are selecting technologies purely for hype ? Are these developers so significant in numbers than it is undermining our industry and causing projects to fail ?

And if choosing a technology because it is talked about and blogged about is bad a thing. Then is choosing an obscure and abandoned technology good ?

So many questions.

There are plenty of blog posts there in the wild about people adopting one hyped technology and after much pain migrating to another one that was a better match for their problems. If you don't know anyone in that situation first hand maybe you didn't change enough jobs or you are very lucky, because I assure you that it is quite easy to know someone with this kind of experience.

There are also plenty of blog posts about people moving from c++ or java to hyped technologies. Or blog posts about people failing horribly with matured technologies. Today's hype seems to be complaining about other people's hyped choices. You can't know all the reasons that made people select a technology unless you were there. Generalizing them into a group of people that make hyped choices they will regret is nonsense. Could have equally happened if they chose a non-hyped technology because most likely you go on incomplete information anyway.

So we can either summarize authors post with "don't make choices without thinking", which is kicking in an open door, or "let's blame people for choosing hyped technologies", which is no better.

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