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How many of you migrated web projects like this:

1) JQuery/JqueryUI

2) handlebars/mustache

3) Ember/Angular v1

4) React/Vue/Angular v2

From the average HN stories and comments over the last few years, this was the common path, and migration steps.

So I agree with the blog post in general (not the details). Instead of running from one hyped tech next and rewrite your stack constantly as a side-effect.

I value educated decisions and more long term thinking. Using Javascript and copy&pasting some functions from JQuery and other libraries to build one own/company little library/framework that suits the task might be a better idea. In the end the tech behind popular framewoks is often pretty simple and just a few lines of code. The hundreds of opinionated API corset around is what makes it hard to refactor and migrate later.

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