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Yes, for example NoSQL and MongoDB .

Ppl had no idea about relational databases and thought that's a good case for not using them.

Yes. Google and Facebook who pioneered NoSQL with BigTable, HBase, Cassandra etc have no idea about relational databases. Likewise all of the enterprise companies who have spent tens of millions on relational EDW systems and are adopting NoSQL in droves also don't understand what they are doing.

But thankfully we have some no-name developer to save us from all of these mistakes. No use cases for NoSQL. Give us a break.

Relational databases have their advantages and disadvantages just like NoSQL. They both make tradeoffs. Taking the trouble to understand which is the right tool for the job instead of following the latest fashion trend is what the article is about.

They didn't say the technology itself was poor, but that people have misused it.

>we have some no-name developer to save us from all of these mistakes.

Both rude and fallacious. Do you presume that every employee at a successful firm is a wunderkind? Do you actually know the level of talent of every HN poster?

Oh, so now we're beating strawmen again. Nice!

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